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The 50-Day Fandom Challenge

From demonqueen666's challenge:

The 50-Day Fandom Challenge

1. Chosen Lyrics:
"You're something beautiful
A contradiction
I wanna play the game
I want the friction"

2. Chosen Fandoms:

3. Demonqueen's Rules:
Comment to this post to let me know you want to participate.
Once you've commented, you have 50 days to create a creative piece of work relating to one of the chosen fandoms and the song lyrics. You may create a drabble, fic, poem, icon, or fanart. Icons must use at least part of the chosen lyrics. For everything else, the lyrics do not actually have to appear within the work, but they must somehow inspire or be relevant to work.
After commenting in this post to let me know you're participating, post this in your own journal. Change the song lyrics and fandoms to any four lines of song lyrics and any three fandoms you wish.
Once your creative work is complete, post it in your journal. Comment again to this post, as a reply to your original comment announcing your participation, to let me know you're done.
And remember, have fun and be creative!

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