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Writing meme

Gakked from foxxcub, as I shirk work for a little while:

The Only Game in Town
Happy Birthday*
A Rare Case of Conscience
An Indefinite Amount of Time
Alter Ego
Fair Warning
Straight Flush
Dirty Girl
The Setup
Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Creature Comfort
A Handful of Trouble
The Big Steal
You Only Live Once
Night Fall*
Cats & Dogs
Hand in Glove
The Sound of Goodbye
Shoot First
Wild Horses
Turn My Way
It Was a Pleasure
Above You, Below Me
The Use of Force
A Show of Strength
Sun, Ocean, Sand
You're On
The Interview*
Slippery Slope
Just Imagined
Bleed Together
Visiting Hours
More Than This
Kaleidoscope - Three ficlets
Keep Your Friends Close
Doctor-Patient Privilege
Last Request
All of Our Hands
You Said Something
The Next Best Thing

*Unfinished WIP

Lost RPS
Foxshy at the Four Seasons
August 16

Prison Break/Lost crossover
This is the Last Time

Angel/Lost crossover
End of the Night

That's 60 fics, 96 chapters! ;-D

So I totally cheated here. I couldn't narrow down most of these to just one fic!

My favorite story of this year: Argh, I hate deciding! I'd have to go for the Jack/James fics I've written, particularly You're On, Just Imagined, Visiting Hours and More Than This. I love writing those two so much, so thank you to foxxcub for creating the 'verse and then trusting me to not fuck it up. ;-D

My best story this year: Probably either Aftermath, with Shannon working through her grief over Boone by nursing Sawyer, Michael and Shannon wordlessly grieving together over their losses, and Jack blaming himself for everything, as usual. Or Sun, Ocean, Sand, in which I finally slowed down enough to actually get descriptive. I'm very proud of those two.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: The least-read fic was Kaleidoscope, which was three ficlets using color prompts. Only five people commented on that one, but I got some very lovely fb from those who did and one person friended me over it (them?), so not too shabby.

Most fun story: I'm quite fond of the snarky banter fics I just wrote, Bedrest and The Next Best Thing. And then the crack!tastic Who Loves Ya, Baby? in which everyone on the island is suddenly after Sawyer.

Most sexy story: One of the threesomes, definitely. No, OK, Fair Warning, my first-ever Jack/Sawyer smut fic with lots and lots of foreplay and denial and bondage and teasing. ;-D

Story with the single sexiest moment: *sweats* The Jack/Sawyer hate!sex on the beach in The Big Steal? Wait, when Sawyer tells Jack, "You hate me," in Turn My Way, and Jack responds, "I can if you want me to." Hee. Those are really similar, aren't they?

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Where to start, LOL? The Jack-as-priest/Kate-as-death-row-escapee non-con in You Only Live Once, I guess. Noooo, hang on. The ninth chapter of Happy Birthday, that warranted my strongest warning ever, in red letters, even. Yep, that was severely fucked up. Again with the non-con, but also very dark BDSM.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I think post-"Do No Harm" Dark!Jack in Possession and its sequel Blackout, holding both Kate and Sawyer in sexual thrall. So many people said they thought he was still in character, which kind of surprised me.

Hardest story to write: God, so many! I'd have to go with Wild Horses because I was coming off a major writer's block. But Turn My Way also had my beta rejecting the entire premise at one point (and rightly so) and I really had to go back to the drawing board. Basically, any story with smut (especially Jack/James), always bogs down at the NC-17 point, so I have to write them in stages.

Biggest Disappointment: Agreeing with foxxcub that I'd love to finish Night Fall. I've actually been sitting on a completed chapter since April because it's still waiting on an intervening chapter to be written first. So I'd at least like to get that chapter out there! And I don't like the premise behind Happy Birthday any more, even though I know just how I'd want to end it.

Biggest Surprise: That I would ever write sympathetic Ana Lucia, as in Cradle, and also somewhat in Keep Your Friends Close. There was that brief moment, during "The Other 48 Hours," where I didn't hate her. After that, the loathing kicked back in, as anyone knows who's read Last Request knows. OK, that and the pure fluff that is Cats & Dogs was atypical for me.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: I'm not quite sure what this means. I've had a few fics that anticipated canon (Kate as a bank robber, dead body in the water in Happy Birthday, Jack being a runner You Only Live Once, Sawyer knowing that Kate was the criminal all along Creature Comfort, etc.), if that's how to interpret this one. Reread the list above and then the conclusion below. ;-D

And there you have it. I guess I'm a kinky, kinky girl, in retrospect! LOL. Like you didn't already know that! But it's all this meme's fault. Notice how it doesn't ask for "Sweetest Moment" or "Saddest Story" or anything like that.

OK, back to work!
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