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Friendly reminder: nominations end Dec. 31 at lost_fic_awards

Nominating ends Dec. 31! If you read even one fic you liked that fits into one of these categories, please nominate it! If you recced a fic in your LJ, you're halfway there. Just post a link to the same fic HERE (along with appropriate category) and you're done!

This may not be kosher, but here's the tally of noms so far. As you can see, not that many.
Best Gen Fic - 2 nominations
Best Romance Fic - 1
Best Humorous Fic - 1
Best Slash Fic - 2
Best NC-17 Fic - 2
Best Series - 2
Best Future Fic - 1
Special category: Fluff or holiday-themed fic: 3

I don't nominate at Lost_fic_awards because:

I feel like I need to read more fics before I pick one to nominate and I don't have time
I feel like I need to nominate in all categories
I meant to, I just forgot
*blushes* I don't know the procedure to nominate
I don't really go in for the whole awards thing
I didn't read any fics worth nominating

Here's *my* reason for not nominating:

Nominating myths/concerns:
1. I need to have read lots of fics to nominate one
That would be nice, but you can always nominate a fic in the next round if you come across it (or think of it) later. Or if you have two fics you love in the same category and can't choose: save one for later!

2. I need to nominate in all categories
Nope! Again, would be nice, but not necessary.

3. It's the same people who win over and over again.
Well, this is your chance to get in there and nominate who you WANT to win. Can't vote for fics that aren't nominated.

4. I'd like to nominate an older fic, is that OK?
Yes! As long as it hasn't already won before.

5. I didn't read any fics worth nominating.
Come on! They're there in your LJ, in memories or your recent recs. If you've taken time to bookmark a fic or rec it, then take the next step and nominate!

OK, end of harangue! Now, GO, nominate!

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