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Yay for BBM getting the most nods at the SAG awards, including one for JAKE, at last! ;-D *crosses fingers for Oscar nom* And it was also nommed at the WGA and PGA and DGA (writers, producers and directors guilds), so that's fantastic news! It's definitely the Oscar favorite right now. I guess the only thing to worry about is backlash at this point. Oscar politics can get very strange. I wonder if it would get Best Film but not any acting wins -- that seems likely, just because the Academy likes to split things up, most of the time. Let's see ... last time a Best Picture and Best Actor went together ... American Beauty? No, wait, Mystic River. (ETA: Whoops, that won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, but not Best Picture.) So there's hope! There's just the "hot young guy" factor for Heath and Jake, which I, sadly, think is a strike against either of them winning. But it could still happen.

Lost is up for Best Drama Ensemble (or whatever) at the SAG awards. No individual actor noms (*sigh*) but that's still good!

Oh, and JON STEWART is going to host the Oscars? Hot damn! I hope that's true! Yowza! That's too good to be true.
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