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Lost - 23d Psalm review

So yeah, good ep. Eko is cool. Adewale is an awesome actor. Pwns 75% of the cast, actually. But ... is it usual for the flashbackee to be in the show that much? It was almost nothing BUT Eko and Charlie. So how did he end up on the island then? He was on Flight 815 after all? Thanks, Lost, for never giving us a flashback without leaving out a big chunk. And that is one fucking HUGE coincidence.

Good Sawyer/Kate scene. Which I'd already read a transcript of. Nice new hair, Sawyer. Looking sharp. FINALLY. ;-D

Have to LOL at Jack showing up at the worst possible moment and trying to help Michael.

Michael, Michael, Michael. Good on you for getting Jack and Sawyer on a mission next week to go after your secretive, bad planning ass. Other than that, big fat 'meh.'

And Jin and Sun are the welcoming committee to Lil Miss Queen Bitch From Hell? (tm zelda_zee)? PUH-leez. *gags*

And OMG, themoononastick! There was Libby/Hurley. Heh. I thought she was supposed to end up with Locke?

So, next week looks good. Is that the Jack flashback? Where we finally learn what happened to Sarah?

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