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Two J/S fic recs

First of all, GIP! mysticxf makes the funniest Lost icons evah.

And OMG, go read eponine119's GUH intense, dark future fic Test Drive.

Then, after you've been thorougly broken and need some sinfully hot, snarky smut to pick you back up, go here: For Almost Two Whole Days, written by uberaeryn for me! *squee* THANK YOU!

And bwah, last night I dreamed that foxxcub wrote Jack/Ana and wanted me to beta! And I was all, "Noooooooooooo! I won't read it!"

And while I'm on the subject, this may be horribly bitchy of me but ... I had to bail on a few J/S fics I started lately when there was a surprise Jack/Ana pairing not mentioned in the pairing summary. Please! A little forewarning? Thx! Now I guess I know what non-slash fans feel like when they don't realize they're getting into the boy!touching and want to beat (heh) a hasty retreat.
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