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uberaeryn - We love you. Please come back. I fervently hope this is not a three strikes and you're out kind of deal. :-(

And I think sometimes my entire flist (myself included) struggles with chronic depression and that we're all maybe just that one button-push away from deleting! DON'T DO IT! Deleting is not the answer. *nods fervently* Take a break, if you must, but deleting is just too permanent. Well, after 30 days anyway. :-(

I am crazed with work and not quite done yet, but for now I must go crash. Due to cable/TiVo/VCR fuckups, wasn't able to see 24 last night. Assuming cable and TiVo are functioning again, then I should be able to see tonight's ep, but I want to see the premiere first!! *crosses fingers for the right hookup*

Kathy, come back! *goes to collapse*

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