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Hee. So the big prizes haven't been handed out here on the West Coast yet (not in TVland anyway, obviously the event itself is long over and the stars either drunk or homeward bound by now). But foxxcub gave me the play by play. Of course, congrats to LOST AND BBM! Wooo! ;-D And Joaquin, Reese and Rachel Weisz. Hurrah! I hate to root for her over Michelle Williams, but ... I just have to! But how cute a couple are Michelle and Heath? And, actually, Reese & Ryan too? But dude, no Jake *or* Josh? RPF writers, start your engines, LOL.

And I'm TiVoing eps 3 & 4 of 24, awaiting eps 1 & 2. Darn it!

And speaking of awards ... you have 1.5 hours to vote for the December lost_fic_awards! Go, cast your vote. And go vote this week for your fave fic at lostfichallenge. You know the drill. Don't hafta vote for me, but just support your fave fics.

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