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Ok, I FINALLY got to see all 4 eps of 24!

I was just starting to get a bad feeling about him standing in front of the window -- and then BAM! I did the classic *GASP/HANDS FLY TO MOUTH IN HORROR* thing.

It actually made me feel bad for groaning that Wayne was back since his whole storyline last year was *infinitely* worse than any cougar cameo.

Again, when they said goodbye, I thought, "Well, one of them will be dead before the day is out." But I never thought it would happen in the next 20 seconds! I guess I should have been tipped off by her guest star status. (And at least, like Jenny Calendar, she looked DAMN GOOD on her last day on earth. *wibble*)

But Tony will live!!

I should be bitter that they're killing off my favorite characters but just DAMN. I'm more blown away (er, bad pun) that the show is back and KICKING ASS. God, I missed my action. This makes Lost look like a pony ride down at the park. Honestly.

And it's not just me, is it? But Derek and Jack - SLASHIEST COUPLE ON TV! Those longing looks. Derek is totally hero worshipping Jack. Jack puts his own life on the line to save him. OK, the kid is technically just 15. *hates myself and is bad* BUT C'MON!

Look at the evidence!

Dammit, I had more screencaps, but LJ is being weird. *goes to imdb to see if that actor is, in fact legal* (ETA: He is, in fact, 17.)

And now I need some Jack Bauer icons!

ETA #2: Derek icons. ;-D

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