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Hunting Party - Jack/Sawyer goodness!

for foxxcub ;-D

Perhaps someone wants to icon these? *hint, hint* ETA: OMG! crystalkirk did a batch of J/S icons that are to die for!

And clicking any of these pics will magically make them bigger.

The lower bunk's just not the same since Sawyer moved out.

Meanwhile, Sawyer is also thinking about Jack...

"Good thing I'm traveling with my doctor then."

OMG! He just called me his doctor! *tries to stay calm*

"Sorry Freckles ... no girls allowed."

*has already forgotten Kate is there*


Jack watches Sawyer's back ...

"I said I wanted to f-- ... hold on, Sawyer, Locke's still watching us."

"Ok, he's gone, finally. So you gonna kiss me or what?"

"Why, you arrogant sonofa..."

"Dammit. I came on too strong."

*sighs* "I know, you love her."

*completely confused* "What did you say?"

"OK, but just Jack here."

Meanwhile ...
Kate: "Jack and Sawyer have run off together! You've got to help me!"
Hurley: "Sorry. I'm due in the hatch for an, um, meeting with Charlie and Sayid."

Sawyer carries a torch for Jack - literally!

"That hillbilly shot Sawyer!" *rushes to take the next bullet in his place*

"And you shot my boyfriend. So I'm not inclined to acquiesce to your demands."

"Oh yeah, there's a reason why Jack won't give you the time of day.
Ya see, it's like this Freckles..."

Locke: "Dammit, so much for that foursome." *sighs*

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