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10 ways to tell you're reading a story by ... meme

Gakked from yahtzee63

Top 10 ways to tell you're reading a story by halfdutch

10. It's usually hella long, with about three scene changes.
9. Yes, there are ... ellipses.
8. If it's a smut fic, everyone gets off at least once. Maybe more.
7. You're lucky if there's *any* scene-setting description at all.
6. Someone gets tied up at some point.
5. Everyone says "Fuck" a lot.
4. Despite much angst and alienation, there is usually a happy ending of sorts. *gasps! - i have no real right to call myself 'angst addict.'*
3. Your chances for a threeway: pretty damn good.
2. Sawyer is injured. Again.
1. Sawyer's *almost* always on top. ;-D

Also, I'm STARTING a meme ...

-- What are your favorite fics of mine and why?
-- What would you like to see me write more of?

That's it! I'm really more interested in having this get picked up by my flist and spreading some positivity around than having anyone choose fave fics of mine, so feel free to *not* answer here and just post it yourself.
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