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Ok, you know they've just been promoting the Charlie angle of this episode? And then there are THOSE promo photos? The pics of doom? Well, HONEY, hold on to your hat. Here's the context and it's full-on Skatey goodness with Kate jealousy of Jack and you-know-who.

Here's the AOL clip:
http://television.aol.com/feature/lost_tv (The "love connection" one)

And caps. Because I had to. OMGZ!

Kate helps Sawyer exercise his arm.

Kate is laughing at Hurley, who is not very discreetly asking what Sawyer thinks of Libby.

They are all close and snuggly and then they turn and see ....

OMG, u HOR! *thinks Kate*

Sawyer: "That's the third time I've seen 'em walkin' out of the jungle. What do you suppose they're doing out there?"

Kate: "Why don't you just do your exercises, Sawyer?"

OMG, this is EXACTLY what I needed to snap me out of my funk. Thank you, TV gods. And yes, we can discuss the implications and why maybe the pics of DOOM are tolerable after all. ;-D *hands cookies to the optimists on my flist*
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