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Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing

So I guess I'm a bad, bad girl. What with converting foxxcub to the dark side of slash and scarring demonqueen666 for life with "Happy Birthday," I've been quite naughty lately.

Mwa ha ha! I just want to thank everyone who got me on the slash train, including when_it_rains with this Sawyer/Sayid ficlet and gabrita with believable Sawyer/Boone hotness, and "Worth", a Sawyer/Sayid from effexxor and this, Sorry for Nothing, from sparky77, another S/S fic. And all of spoonishly's fics -- so hot! If you've never read "Five Ways Boone Gets Off", go read it now!

The first Lost slash I read was S/S but it was AU and out of character and Sawyer was on the bottom(!) so I just wasn't feeling it. Then gradually, I got turned around thanks to some good fic. So thanks to my corrupters! ;->

And just to prove I wasn't always writing slash myself, here's my first ever Lost fic. It's Skater-ific!

My first ever Lost slash fic ... should remain in obscurity. ;->

How excited am I for "Outlaws" tonight?!! Whooo!

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