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Few (very random) thoughts about Lost

Few stray thoughts I've had about Lost, some post Fire+Water, some prior to the ep.

- Anyone ever read Paul Auster? All his books seem to involve someone happening into a great deal of money, amazing coincidences, and also incredibly bad luck. Wondered if he's an inspiration for Hurley's storyline.

- In the great Jack vs. Locke showdown, as imagined by fandom anyway, (bows to ficangel and themoononastick), it seemed that Charlie would be on Locke's side, without a doubt. Possibly even acting as a traitor at some point. But, after "Fire + Water," that possibilty seems remote. I know the Faith vs. Science Grudge Match has taken a back seat lately, but it looks like it's going to gear up again in "The Long Con." With the addition of the Tailies, I wonder how it's going to play out. I wonder if they'll split up into two or three camps. Or if this is all still hot air and we won't get any schisms at all. But still, what's going to happen with Charlie? He seems poised to do something even more desperate, unless he gets welcomed back into the group. Which, let's face it, is extremely likely. This is one group that can't hold a grudge for more than a millisecond.

- And from the land of "Duh!" I bring you the following observation:  It seems anymore that the backstories are just agony for anyone who doesn't LOVE that character. I mean, I love Jack. Can't get enough. Love every new interaction with Christian. Love seeing who Jack was, pre-island. But even I admit the Sarah breakup was kind of a letdown. And I think unless you're madly in love with Charlie, "Fire + Water" was just a big ball of meh. I think they even fucked up Locke's last backstory. We already *knew* about his father obsession. Got nothing new out of that, except that he's yet another islander who cannot really love or be loved.

- Last few thoughts: Something's definitely up with Libby. I still don't completely trust Eko. It would be fun to see Desmond again. And will we EVER find out what happens when the button doesn't get pushed? Is that the season finale? "John, the BUTTON!" Huge burst of white light. *bamf* Roll end credits?

- And on a personal note, I very much want to be writing smut but I'm kind of woozy. Some kind of darn bug. :-(

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