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I made some very silly plot bunny icons. Got inspired after mysticxf posted one.

Ang Lee wins DGA Award. And damn, both Heath and Jake were there! *is jealous* But wow, that Oscar is looking more and more of a sure thing.

Nick Cave wrote a movie! And it's violent! LOL. ;-D I've seen "Ghosts of the Civil Dead" -- an *extremely* bleak prison film, in which he has a small role and which he wrote the score for, and after that I know the whole audience wanted to go home and slit its wrists. But look at this cast: Guy Pearce. Ray Winstone. Emily Watson. Damn!

Also: Rodriguez Talks Ethics. Lookie, she claims to know what they are. And she asks the universe to give her zen moments when she's partying too hard. Like, um, BEING SENT TO JAIL? *eyeroll*

Also, Happy Chinese New Year. ;-D

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