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Oscar noms!

Ok, I'm way behind everyone else since I didn't get up before dawn to see the announcements but still ....

YAAAY! Jake got his nomination! That's so fuckin' great! I never doubted Heath would get his but Jake seemed a little more iffy. YES!

Awesome. This is just awesome. Now everyone who vows to see every Oscar-nominated film will have to go see Brokeback.

And I still need to see Munich! Surprised that Walk the Line didn't make the cut, but it's a tough year. I'm not that surprised that Russell Crowe didn't make the final cut. He has his Oscar and two more nominations besides, so even if he wasn't going around throwing phones, he might not have gotten in, just like Tom Hanks doesn't always get in.

I think with these nominees - Jake, Heath, Michelle Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, and Keira Knightley, ratings will actually be pretty good, even for a bunch of liberal-leaning "message" films and a smarty pants New Yorker host. ;-D


ETA: Reaction from the nominees. Heath, Michelle, Ang, Diana Ossana and more.

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