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Lost SAG Awards RPF for foxxcub

Title: Boys Will Be Boys
Featuring: Josh, Daniel, Harold, Ian
Summary: Fun in a hotel room
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I didn't write this! Look at the photo. The RPF wrote itself! *nods, scurries away*
Note: For foxxcub.

photo gakked from foxxcub

"How am I supposed to take the picture while you're bouncing around like a six-year-old?"

Josh ignored him, continuing to jump and down on the futon like a willful child. "C'mon," he said, breathy from the exertion. "'S fun! Join me."

"If you'd hold still for two seconds," Harold swore. "The picture's going to be blurry and it'll be too hard to guess."

"Fine." Josh stopped bouncing and struck a model's pose, rotating one hip out. "Got it?"

"Yep!" Harold grinned. "Now we just need to get Dom."

Josh cracked up at that, one hand covering his big, goofy grin as he zipped up. "Dom? C'mon, that's no fair. Everyone and his dog can spot him by now." He suddenly pointed at Daniel. "Hey! Danny. You've never done this. Only fair, man. "

Daniel shook his head, hands raised in his own defense. "No thanks! I'm too easy anyway. No one could ever get us mixed up."

"Awww." Josh pouted. He pointed at his eyebrows. "See, only blonde up top. And I'm pretty tan." He went to undo his pants again.

Daniel laughed. "No, no, still got the picture, right here." He tapped his forehead. "And you forgot one little thing: Tan lines."

Josh frowned, then snapped his fingers. "Hey, we'll just overexpose it. Make you look as pale as me, then. Can you do that with your phone?"

"Hey!" Daniel protested, making a face while Harold examined his cell phone.

"Uh, I don't know. If Foxy were here, he could figure it out."

"Well, he ain't here, which is why we're taking these photos, right? C'mon, Dan. It's not like you've never been skinnydipping with Fox. Same thing, right?"

"I guess," Daniel shrugged, hand going hesitantly to the drawstring of his sweat pants. "But he'll know."

"Nah, he might think you're Navi."

"Navi? He's, like, twice as hairy as me!"

"Been takin' notes?" Josh waggled his eyebrows.

"No!" Daniel's voice rose an octave. "Just look at him! And what if these photos got out?"

"Didn't hurt Colin Farrell any." Josh shrugged. "I fookin' live for porn!" he yelled, flashing a Hang 10 with both hands.

"Would you quit quoting that damn tape?" Harold sighed.

"Alright, alright, c'mon, Harold, your turn," Josh said, reaching for the phone "You can finally stump 'em, now that Adewale's here!"

"Please!" Harold said, affecting his best drag queen voice. "He's only twice as big as me!"

"Oh REALLY?" Josh lunged for the phone but Harold held it out of his reach.

"Look, you know what I meant. We need Ian. That's who we need."

"Nah. Ian's too easy. Built like a girl."

The flash made them turn around.


Another flash.

"Guys? Those are three of the guiltiest looks I've ever seen in my life. You wanna tell me the story that goes with this? It's for People."

"What, are you working for them now?"Josh took a drag on his cigarette.

"Yeah, thought I'd cross over to the dark side now that I don't have a real job anymore."

"Funny," Josh smirked. "Now hand over the camera, pretty boy. You're what People readers want to see, not us broken-down old men."

Ian just snapped another photo. "Oh yeah? I think they'd prefer more of 'TV's Hottest Hunk.'"

Harold grinned. "How much more?" He punched a few buttons on the phone and handed it to Ian.

"Holy shit!"

"There's your caption," Josh laughed. And then he started jumping up and down again, yelling in a singsong voice. "I fookin' love porn!"

Tagging anyone else who wants to write a different scenario for this picture. The more, the merrier, right? ;-D

ETA: Made a few icons.

Tags: lost_fic, rpf

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