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BBM parodies, etc.


BBM Parody: Broke Mac Mountain BWAH. I died laughing.

Also: Brokeback Top Gun.

And: A Mad TV sketch about how football leads to boy!touching. thanks to green_queen for the link


Also, did you see Clooney on E! News yesterday? He and Grant Heslov were joking that when they got the call about their nominations, they were spooning in bed. Love it, LOL.


Speculation that Brad Pitt is going to go gay for pay soon. *crosses fingers that it will be in Ocean's 13.*


And on a more serious note: thumbed through a celeb mag (forget which one) at the vet's yesterday and they quoted Foxy at a Golden Globes party as saying "I'm not going to drink in 2006" and ordering a Shirley Temple! Given that he's been known for tying one on frequently (the Kentucky Derby comes to mind), is he going the AA route? Anyone know?


And lastly, someone finally wrote an awesome "Jake and Josh were SO making out" GG RPF. Hats off to arabella_hope! And her very first RPF too! Of Course.

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