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Lost - The Long Con review

OMG. O__O I am in total awe of how amazing this episode was. There are almost no words.

Sawyer cocking that rifle? Just fucking GUH.

The fact that his backstory actually played into things that were happening on the island, that he played them all so expertly. Dear God, that was so, so well done. So many layers. Didn't see the Charlie involvement coming at all.

And those Jack/Sawyer staredowns. Jesus, God! Charlie and Sawyer getting revenge on Jack and Locke and making them both look like fools. Me, for once, siding with Locke and not Jack? Never saw that coming either.

Someone actually exploiting (and admitting the existence of) mutual mistrust on the island? Fucking brilliant. Just an amazing, amazing payoff.

And dear GOD - that scene where Cassidy pulls Sawyer to her by his towel? *faints*

There'll be some more coherence later but in the meantime, all I can say is this reaffirms my love for Sawyer as the Best Television Character Ever. I was so nervous about this episode, that they would just blow it. But they've kept him dark and complex and it's even better than ever. And oh yeah, the line about Jack finding Kate's horse and getting on it and wearing a white hat. BWAH. Damn. Sawyer, you fucking cowboy. I LOVE YOU.

I need Sawyer + Guns = OTP icons!

(And sorry Charlie fans, but at last there's a point to the Charlie ep. This is the payoff and I love it. Ecstatic. Over the moon. DAMN! Outcasts unite! ;-D)

The Long Con: Six out of four stars.
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