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Lost - One of Them review

Well, I'd already been tipped off that Sawyer was completely OOC this week. Do Damon and Carlton HATE him? WTF, dudes? I'd honestly rather him not be in an episode than get this kind of bullshit. So my outrage is somewhat lessened by the fact that I knew it was bullshit going in.

But seriously - Sawyer lets the boar live but has to kill the frog? And didn't we already have Sawyer being annoyed by noise? Because of the headaches? Seriously, a complete waste of time for his character. He must contractually be obligated to be in each ep (like the damn stealing of Claire's diary, another redundant, pointless scene), but at this point, even Josh must be starting to look his big break in the mouth a bit. I mean, he'd be better off shopping with Yunjin and Emilie, right than dealing with this crap. Damon and Carlton, you're the ones I blame for this season being almost a complete wash. Ugh.

Sayid was v. good this ep. At least we get to see him grieve. If only he'd been able to take his rage out on Ana Lucia instead. God. He even had to say her name. *Urgh* Thank god for small favors that she was barely in this episode, though.

And wtf with the continuity on this show - it's like last week barely happened. (And OMG, I just realized- no Kate this ep. Weird.) We just get Jin and Hurley giving Sawyer a bit of the cold shoulder. At least we get Sayid dealing with Shannon's death and a reference to Charlie and Claire's abduction - but honestly, that's just to set up next week. These plot threads are like the "Let's Make a Deal" wheel, aren't they? Hitting any in succession is a fuckin' miracle.

And wtf with the countdown clock? Did the thing happen or not? This endless fakeouts over the countdown to zero are starting to get on my nerves. ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN BUTTON ALREADY. Worst plot point ever. After the tree-frog squishing. *sighs* Oh yeah, and the whole Tailie thing.

And I imagine themoononastick and lillyjk were squeeing over that final Sayid/Charlie exchange. ;-D

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