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Sawyer! THUD!

OK, I am now officially dead from Sawyer love... DEAD!

We got angst. Shirtlessness. Smouldering of all kinds. Him actually calling Sayid by his real name. Drinking. Revenge! MURDER! Childhood trauma! Bonding with Kate.

While I think the boar plot was a shabby parallel to the fucking revenge of a fucking lifetime, however fucked-up (hello, writers, are you HIGH?) still, a fantablous ep. Except for the Charlie-ness which I fastforwarded through. Again. Snooze.

What we didn't get: Drunken makeout session! Shit. At least we have amazing Skate fanfic from foxxcub to fill the gap. God bless you, sniff.

Does it top torture and THE KISS? Must watch a few more times and get back to you...

Meanwhile, being dead ... not so bad. I'll send you a postcard. ;->

And ... Jimmy/James?

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