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Some thoughts about Lost

When I first read the Foxy interview in GQ, where he talks about how he hopes that Ana and Jack become like Bonnie and Clyde as they team up to go after The Others, my first thought was, "Oh, Foxy, good thing you're so pretty. And it's a damn good thing you're not writing for the show." But then I gave it a bit more thought and I realized, Aha! Here is why Foxy's so keen on Ana. It means he might get to play a whole different side of Jack. Here he's been the heroic doctor this whole time and this would let him get more of his inner gunslinger on. So far, Sawyer, Kate and even Charlie have been the ones to wield the guns. (And of, course Ana, herself. *sigh*) So I think he's just jonesing for some bad boy action himself. And no, I don't mean sex. Although Jack is certainly due, he just can do a helluva lot better. He holds out for two months, and then he gives into her? Bleah. Although I find it funny that (as I just read at Spoilerfix.com), Damon and Carlton had to reassure people early on that Ana's not a lesbian. Heh.

And I was so bored and down on the show last week that I went somewhere I've never been before: TWOP's spoiler thread! But they had nothing, besides episode synopses and whatever vague clues Damon and Carlton have let slip. And they also linked back to uberaeryn's and alliecat8's theories, LOL! So much for new territory, heh.

Then I went to Spoilerfix.com and now I think I'm up on *all* the Lost spoilers out there. And they're all quite mild. I was hoping to find out more about someone supposedly being killed off, but nada, bupkus, zilch.

Same old things: Darren Aronofsky is going to direct an episode. Locke and Sawyer have a "surprising" connection. Urgh - enough with the damn connections already. I'm really starting to get sick of "spot the cameo from someone else's past" in the backstories lately. It was fun at first but it's been dragging on for so long with no real point. It's just not fun anymore. And I'm also damn tired of all the new characters. I'd heard a while ago we were going to be getting a teenage girl on the island and my first, panicky thoughts went to the horror that was Dawn and Connor on Buffy and Angel and how I literally stopped watching when they both appeared. I came back to both eventually, but there's a reason I don't watch shows with teenagers, you know. Adding whiny, bratty teens to my favorite shows: NEVER a good idea. Just, never. And looks like we're in for not one, but TWO teenage girls: Alex and someone named Jessica. (Also an Other?) This show already has too many characters. *headdesks* And also, apparently Henry will be around for six episodes. And Libby is getting her own episode. Bernard and Rose are not. *shrug*

And that's about it. Nothing very encouraging. Nothing that makes me go "Ooh, I must see THAT." But of course I mostly just care about the JKS triangle and there's nothing new with that, apparently. I mean, you never know how things will play out. They could have something great in store. I'm still waiting for them to redeem themselves after "One of Them." I can't keep watching if they keep making Sawyer into some kind of cartoon villain. :-(

The next ep is March 1, the Claire ep and pardon me if I am not the least bit excited about it.

Some thoughts about Grey's Anatomy:
Oh Meredith. I can't relate to you AT ALL. Who pity fucks your male roommate who worships you? What the hell were you thinking? You, my dear, are an IDIOT. As is George, apparently. Actually, there isn't anyone on the show I really relate to, but damned if it isn't addicting.
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