halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Fic, etc.

Got next to nothing done this weekend as I was fighting off some new kind of bug, I think. Anyway, ended up sleeping away most of the weekend.

Wrote some fic, now it just needs the smut! Isn't that always the way? LOL. I've read no new fic since I want to finish what I'm working on first. Except I got a peek at foxxcub's latest Jack/James and it's oh so GUH and melancholy and terrifically angsty. If it doesn't make you tear up I don't think you have a soul. :Stuff That Works.

Hope to catch up with the posted fics (and finish my own) soon!

Also, Tuesday the 28th is the last day to vote at lost_fic_awards. Just pimpin' as a former co-mod. ;-D

And if you haven't yet signed up for themoononastick's Shakespearian Quote Fic Challenge, go here: words_fly_up. It's multi-fandom and you just pick the quote(s) you want. No assignment, it's all up to you. Couldn't be easier!

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