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Jack and Sawyer slash goes mainstream?

Wow. This vid was linked from Defamer.com (who've been avidly tracking all the Brokeback Mountain parodies -- they say the NY Times article on them all is the death knell of the genre, LOL.) So those happy LA bloggers are into J/S slash too. Yeah! I knew I always loved them. Here's their snippet promoting it: They Must Press The Button Every 108 Minutes Or Their Forbidden Love Will Die

This is the THIRD Jack&Sawyer Brokeback Island parody video I've seen (all at Youtube.com), but this is the most slashy, if you ask me. WOO!

It's not just us is it? When Foxy did his TRL appearance, the VJ asked him about romantic possibilities and she threw out Sawyer's name in there but he just let that one go. Still, we did get him saying Josh is "hunky" on GMA. ;D

And in BBM award news:

BBM and Ang Lee won. Heath and Michelle did not. Jake wasn't nominated at the Spirit Awards but tomorrow ... *keeps fingers crossed*

ETA: BBM in 30 Seconds (Bunny Theater)

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