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Why I love uberaeryn

Where do you start in reccing uberaeryn's fic? Like everyone, I have my favorites. And, like everyone, I stand in awe of her ability to write light, dark, and every shade in between. And that she's constantly reccing and pimping other writers and calling attention to newcomers. It goes without saying that she's a cornerstone of the Lost fandom. This is just a small sampling of her fic and it pains me to leave so many out. You're in good hands anytime she posts a fic.

Groundbreaking fics
When nearly everyone else was still bringing Jack and Sawyer together with their fists first, she brought a tenderness and an unspoken understanding to their relationship. She let it be a relationship.
On Being God

Well, there's always smut, isn't there? And it's always organic to the situation and HOT, whether it's in the midst of tragedy or comedy, whether it's rough or tender, fierce first-time sex or heartbreaking goodbye sex. Kathy, you're the first writer to ever make me accept Sawyer on the bottom! LOL. I would *never* read that before you wrote it. In fact, you were one of the first writers to take Sawyer and Jack beyond the frottage and bjs and hand jobs to actual sex. And of course, we all thank you for that. ;-D
Last Cigarette

Dark! fic
Kathy isn't afraid to go very dark (as in her new fic, Rosetta Stone). She really utilizes the terror and mystery of the island and makes it the stuff of individual nightmares. (And of course, if it helps facilitate the slash, so much the better!) You can feel the dark in her fics, like a living creature. On or off the island, her fics are better than the show will ever dare to be. I've sat there, stunned and weeping after many a fic of hers, but always grateful for the journey.

Kathy, along with eponine119, pretty much starred in my mega Dark!fic post I put up the other day

Kathy KILLS ME DEAD on a regular basis. If her fics don't break you, you're not human or you're already broken.

I'm madly in love with her cowboy and hillbilly verses. They're so vividly imagined, down to every detail. Hillbilly!Jack and Sawyer are blissfully free of angst and her Cowboy!Jack and Sawyer have a ton of angst, but different issues than the island boys we know and love and yet they're all still completely, thoroughly themselves. Even when they're saying "I love you" all the damn time, it just works.
Lookin' for Eight, plus Skin on Skin and Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Homespun Love

No one writes a smartass Sawyer and cheeky Jack like Kathy. One of my faves:

Unabashed schmoop but since she keeps Jack and Sawyer still grumpy and horny and just that little bit vulnerable, she pulls it off. Everytime.
White on White
Also, see the cowboy and hillbilly AUs, as both are swoonily schmooptastic.

You, my dear, are beautiful. The world is a better place because you're in it and we're all so much richer because you've shared your fic with us.


Also, see foxxcub's appeciation post HERE
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