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More thoughts on "Outlaws", Sawyer angst

The more I think about "Outlaws," the more I like, no, LOVE it. I like that the confrontation with Frank gave Sawyer even more angst: the self-hating Sawyer who welcomed torture on the island didn't just come from a lifetime of cons and "becoming the man he hated."

He had to murder an innocent man to get to that stage, I think. That *completely* works for me. He needed another precipitating event other than just the realization he had in "Confidence Man" about the damage he was doing as a con man.

Based on promo photos from the ep, showing Sawyer looking angsty and drinking in a bar and buying a gun, I guessed it would likely be about him hunting down "the real Sawyer." I wrote up a spec storyline ( An Indefinite Amount of Time) in which Sawyer finds the real Sawyer, beats him up, but ultimately decides to let him live.

I guess that doesn't work because it might have given him a measure of peace. Although the way I wrote it, it didn't solve anything, didn't make him feel any better, and certainly didn't give him any closure.

I also didn't have him produce the letter, partly because I knew he still had it and wouldn't have given it away, but also because he thought it would be anticlimactic, in a way. But having him start to read it was so *little boy* of him. Breaks my heart.

Interesting to see what the writers do with a storyline even when us viewers have an inkling of what they're going to do. Sometimes, massively disappointing. In this case, not.

The parallel with the boar had its merits, but I don't think deciding to spare a boar's life is anywhere near the same as deciding to spare a man's life! Of course, they couldn't have him gunning for a person on the island, so this had to be the next closest thing.

I do like how the episode was so comic and so tragic at the same time, from the "I Never" drinking session to the run-in with the boar, to Locke's revealing story about his own childhood. Really subtle, well-played and written transitions for the most part.

If only every episode could be this good!

And is Sayid smug or what?

Also -- loved Sawyer's expression when he realizes that the man in the bar was Jack's dad. I interpreted it as surprise and sympathy. I think he will tell Jack one day. I look forward to them becoming friends or teaming up (more so than in "Homecoming") in the future. I just want to see them sit down and realize how much they have in common. And since it's network TV, I'm OK with it being platonic. ;->


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Feb. 20th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
and then it dawned on him...
I totally agree with you on Sawyer's look as he talks to Jack. (Isn't it amazing how much Josh can portray with his eyes? Not to mention those dimples...) I also agree with you on him and Jack becoming friends. Imagine what those two could do together... slash and non-slash included!
Feb. 20th, 2005 05:16 am (UTC)
Re: and then it dawned on him...
I agree, I'm up for J/S slash or non-slash. I'm so happy to see people writing some fics based on this scene. (See my next post for some reccs.)

JH is such an amazing actor and Outlaws was such a great showcase for him. Sigh. Not that I'm *biased* or anything! ;->
Feb. 24th, 2005 06:59 pm (UTC)
Here's the av I made in honor of Outlaws w/ your assistance of boarishness.
Feb. 24th, 2005 07:45 pm (UTC)
Very cool! (And funny.) Nice job!
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