January 21st, 2005

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Truce: Sawyer/Jack fic


Summary: Jack finds himself inexplicably drawn to Sawyer after “Confidence Man”
Pairing: Sawyer/Jack
Rating: R. Yes, there’s smut but it’s not until the very end.
Note: From a now pretty old plot bunny from mariesg16. But a good idea is a good idea. I haven’t seen anyone else write this scenario, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Apologies if it’s been done before and for going so far back in the canon.
Feedback: Yes please! It's one of my first slash/smut fics, so bear that in mind. As much as I love filthy, sweaty smut, mine ended up being very ... sweet and even, er, cuddly.

“Sawyer!” Jack swore. Even though Jack had made that jerk promise to stay in his tent to recuperate, he was nowhere to be seen when Jack checked back in on him. Jack started combing the beach for any signs of his wandering patient, calling his name as if he were looking for a lost dog.
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