January 24th, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Truce (Part 2)

Summary: After one night of passion, how will Jack and Sawyer act toward each other the next day?
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: R for some rather polite smut
Note: I wrote the first story as a one-off, but then I kept wondering just how these boys would be in the aftermath, so here you go, like it or not, Part 2. It's mostly tied into the non-snuggly ending but it probably works OK if you’ve only read the super snuggly one. (And yes, that’s about the 20th time I’ve typed some variation of “snuggly” this week!” I feel like I’m talking about fabric softener!)

Jack woke up the next morning dreading the trip to Sawyer’s tent. If only he'd spent the night, then he would have known right away how Sawyer was going to act towards him now. But he'd decided he had to get back before he was missed, as much as he had wanted to stay in Sawyer's arms.

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Two Sawyer reccs

I stumbled across these two non-LJ Sawyer fics.

Warning, they're both pretty dark and twisted, which is where my own mind seems to be lately. (When I'm not busy making Sawyer into a super snuggly teddy bear, that is.)

In the Wild by Panthea/Maya Tawi
Summary: Someone is stalking Sawyer. I'd give it at least an R rating for sexual assault.

Shameless also by Panthea/Maya Tawi
Summary: Sawyer wants something from Sayid. And he's good at getting what he wants.

Enjoy! Or, er, squirm uncomfortably, as the case may be.

(I swear, I was really listening to "Stranglehold" while writing this ... how apropos.)

Additional Sawyer thought: "Metamorphosis" (from my other recc list) and "In the Wild" had me thinking how vulnerable he is because he's such a loner and is too proud to ask for help, ever. If anything were really wrong with him, he'd be in real trouble!
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