February 17th, 2005

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Luck (Part 5)

Title: Luck (Part 5)
Summary: (Cheesy announcer voice): Jack realizes his true feelings for Sawyer
Rating: Sadly, still PG
Note: You’re not going to even read this chapter are you? Because all the smut’s in the next one. I don’t know why I bothered! ;-> Well, after you read the smutty one, maybe come back and read this, for closure’s sake.
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Luck (Part 6) FIN

Title: Luck (Part 6)
Summary: Happy, smutty ending!
Rating: NC-17, baby! Chew on that, smut fans!
Note: What the hell are you reading the note for? J/S pr0n awaits! OK, thanks to everyone for slogging through all the non-smut chapters. I *heart* you. A lot.

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Numb (Yet another Jack/Sawyer fic)

Title: Numb
Summary: Set 19 years in the future: Sawyer is dying of lung cancer
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: PG-13, four hankies
Spoilers: None
Note: Although sort of similar to effexxor’s “Death in a Black Trenchcoat," this is actually loosely inspired by having just seen the movie “Constantine.” Spoilers up through “Outlaws.” Kind of a sequel to "Luck," but not the kind anyone asked for!

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