February 27th, 2005

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Oscar thoughts, predix!

So it's Oscar day!

I squeezed in viewings of "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Aviator" this weekend so now I've finally seen all the Best Picture nominees. Both very good, but not perfect. I am now leaning toward "The Aviator" because I think Scorsese is the more accomplished filmmaker and his film is more of a "movie movie," bigger in scope, more dazzling, more cinematic. I tend to favor epics over character dramas when it comes to giving out the big prize, and I think the Academy does too. But I loved the performances and relationships between the characters in "Million Dollar Baby," so if that wins, I will certainly understand why. Both films are really an homage to classic Hollywood and that makes me smile.

And have you all heard about the new ways they are presenting the Oscars in some categories? How reality TV: some will be presented to the winner in his/her seat. Or all the nominees will be herded up on stage, like at a beauty pageant or reality show finale, and *then* the winner announced. How awkward and cruel!

I am not very fond of Chris Rock as a host. As a stand-up, great, as a host, meh bordering on actual dislike. I do like the Academy Awards to be family friendly and not as blue as, say, Whoopi likes to go so I'm worried what Chris will do. At least it's not David Letterman again!

So, here's my picks:
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Oscar Wrap-up

Way to give an Oscar speech: Jamie Foxx. Aw, you had me tearin' up, man. Also, very classy to shake Leo's hand on the way up. OK, now I'm hearing he's given this same speech before. Less good. Also, was anyone else disturbed by the way he kept talking about how his grandmother used to beat him? Not an "awwww" moment.

Way not to give an Oscar speech: Hilary Swank. You done good, Hilary, but your speeches suck! Rattling off a list of names is not a speech! And um, nice nipples?

Poor Marty! Oh well. There's always the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chris Rock: Actually made me laugh four or five times, so I say, better than Whoopi or David Letterman. But still, I hope, a one-shot host. Bring on Jon Stewart or Conan O'Brien. And note to Robin Williams -- you are not as funny as you think you are.

And I called *almost* every major category except Director and Picture! Should have bet!

Overall: very boring show.