March 2nd, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Jack/Sawyer Icons ... the saga continues

So here's my try with these two Jack/Sawyer pics. If you can do a better job (and who can't?) I'd be thrilled.


Source Pics:

Jack golfing (Solitary)

Sawyer (Solitary)

If anyone wants *more* inspiration, see this earlier post with more pics.

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Time-Wasting Fic Stats

So ... I realized I'd just written my 25th Lost fic! (Including a few that were never published.) In honor of that, here are a few stats.

That number includes: 1 WIP (13 chapters so far) and 4 multi-chapter stories
Slash: 8
Het: 6
Gen: 8
Multipairing: 3

Number of times Sawyer's gotten off: 18*
With Kate: 8
With Jack: 7
With Shannon: 3
With Sayid: 2
With Boone: 2
* (Totals do not match. I think you know why.)

Number of times other characters just threw themselves at Sawyer: 10

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Thoughts on Jack/Sawyer up through "In Translation"

I'm writing this before "Numbers," so who knows what goes on in tonight's ep. (Oh, turns out Sawyer's only storyline was he had a headache! It's the aftermath of a night of debauchery, I'm tellin' ya! Kate also seemed kind of ... tired. ;->)

Prompted by some discussions with foxxcub and yndigot about Jack and whether there's more to him than the show and some fic writers (cough*me*cough) have been giving him credit for so far. (Also, please pet my slashy new icon, courtesy of ada_farrow. Doesn't it look like they were just kissing? Or are saying, "Come kiss us both?")

Thoughts about the power situation between Jack and Sawyer:
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Can Sawyer be submissive? Collapse )
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