March 10th, 2005

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Fanfic Authors Appreciation Week: Thursday


I'm not the first, or last, most likely, to rec cmere this week. Her stuff is just so, so, so wonderful. The sex is always fantastically hot and always *different.* Does she own a well-thumbed copy of the Kama Sutra? (The annotated slash version?) Does she watch porn non-stop? Or does she just have a great imagination? I'm thinking the latter. What makes her fics great, other than the hot, hot sex, is the characters are so real and true. We get to hear what they're thinking and feeling and damn if that doesn't make it even hotter and more relatable.

Take this one, the angsty Jack/Kate/Sawyer fic Only Natural. Weird feelings come up and are momentarily put aside, but then the instability of the threesome rears its ugly head and Jack ends up hurt and confused. And alone. God, I love this fic.

Then here's a happier one, where Jack finds out Sawyer is The Kissing Type. The scenario is just so hot and yummy.

These are the only two Lost fics she's written so go beat her with a stick until she produces more! I've actually been seduced into reading some HP smut just because she's writing it. Those are all fantastically written as well, by turns angsty, sweet, hot, and disturbing. Can I help it if I just prefer Jack and Sawyer to (cough*underage!*cough) Harry and Draco?
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Poll: What fic should I write next?

So I'm still playing around with the shiny buttons of my new paid account. Like creating polls! I'm kind of on the fence about what to write next. I have a few plot bunnies floating around my noggin and a few fics I have promised people at one point or another. But I need a nudge, so please weigh in!

Poll #452383 What fic should halfdutch write next?

What fic should I write next?

Next chapter of Happy Birthday
Another Jack/Sawyer smut fic
Another Jack/Kate/Sawyer smut fic
Another Sawyer/Kate smut fic
Something angsty and *not* smutty
Up to you, dude!
Eh, I don't care. I won't read it anyway.
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