March 13th, 2005

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Lost cast event report: So detailed, it's like you were there, too!

The Museum of Television & Radio Presents "Lost," cast in person at the Directors Guild of America bldg, West Hollywood, CA
March 12, 2005

Here follows my ultra-detailed fangirlish report. It’s alarmingly long and in-depth. Josh talks chains! The kiss is praised. Ian mentions a coconut bra. And drugs. Dom originally read for Sawyer?!

I’ll start with the scoops: They’ve already filmed the episode in which someone is killed off. They’re currently prepping the two-part season finale. The first part will be an hour, the second part 90 minutes, with no commercials in the last half hour. JJ says when he was shown it, “my jaw dropped.” He started to say, “I love cliffhangers,” and the audience groaned, so he amended his statement to, “but I love the finale anyway.” AUGH!

And here was my highlight: When asked about who will die (which I’ll answer in more detail - no spoilers, alas) - Jorge Garcia said when he told his mom one of them was being killed off, she gasped “Not Sawyer!” When Jorge said this, Josh (who was on his right), burst out laughing, and Naveen (on his left) and Matthew were laughing so hard they both had their hands over their faces for at least a minute, as did Josh by this time. It was so funny to see the three hottest guys on the show laughing in the exact same way. Naveen was wiping away tears by the time he finally stopped laughing.

Photo 1 (Josh being interviewed)
Photo 2 (same thing - but I was told to nix the flash, so here's a very arty photo, perhaps suitable for an icon? ;-D)
Professional photos of the event!
OMG! Josh & Matthew pic!
Or is this one better?

And before I get into the nitty gritty details, I just want to say GUH! All the boys showed up looking sharp. Collapse )
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