April 11th, 2005

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Lost finale speculation

So I can't sleep and a million things are whirring around my brain, including (surprise) Lost.

Saw the promos for the finale again tonight, which leads me to wonder this.
(Based on the promos and JJ's comment in EW - if you're up on both of those, keep reading):

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

You Only Live Once (4/4) AU fic

You Only Live Once (4/4)
Summary: The police have Sawyer trapped in a motel with his hostage, Jack.
Rating: R for language, violence
Warning: Sad! And longish.
Note: If you were hoping for smut, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This chapter’s all about the angst. And although I’m *not* religious, my main character is in this fic. I don’t have any particular beliefs or agenda myself.
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Things are looking up! (And 2 recs)

So my day has *vastly* improved!

First, I got two much-needed paychecks, finally. (Kids, never freelance... sigh.) Yay!

So I walked to the bank to deposit them and it's a beautiful day. The sun is shining. Flowers are pretty. People are walking cute dogs. And some guy pulled over and gave me a note that said, "You are beautiful!" I kid you not! Very flattering even if he wasn't my type at all. ;-)

And I was listening to OMGbestbandintheworld: The Killers CD that luckinfovely made me. So fantastic! Guaranteed to perk you up!

And then read these two amazing J/S hurt/comfort/angst/sex fics that I just loved:

The Day After Tomorrow by uberaeryn So angsty! Love it.

Make Me Forget by cmere (Thanks for writing J/S!)

Jack needs comfort *badly* after "Do No Harm." And of course I want it to be from Sawyer. I think the development I'm most anxious to see on the show is Sawyer's reaction to Boone's death. Because, you know, it's Sawyer. We saw him beaming over the baby and that was great. I want to see him comforting Jack (or reasoning with/restraining him as it looks in the promos) and/or getting very blue himself.
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