June 12th, 2005

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"Hidden Connections" ficathon - sign-up deadline is Friday

In case you were nursing that perfect idea for the "Hidden Connections" ficathon - something connecting the castaways, however tentatively, pre-island - the sign-up deadline is this Friday. As in the 17th.

So far we have lots of Sawyer cons, Jack surgeries and even a smacked-out Charlie! ;-D But no Hurley-centric stories. Where's the Hugo love?

A big unsubtle *poke* to the following people who have not signed up: ficangel, uberaeryn, philomel, julissak01, and sparky77. There's others I could nag but they're out of town or on a fic hiatus or somethin.' So, sign up, my pretties!

Did I mention these can be smutty? (dangles pr0n before my flist). Maybe Boone or Shannon have some secret sex footage out there (er, separately, I mean. Uh ... hee. *giggles*) Anyway, it's not a ficathon without a little pr0n, right? ;-D

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