June 18th, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Batman Begins! I have a new slash couple. ;-D

Ohhhh, Liam Neeson. I heart you so. Who *doesn't* love a good master/servantpupil relationship? I mean, even Anthony Hopkins was kind of hot in The Mask of Zorro when he was cracking that whip at Antonio Banderas.

So, please bring me fics of Liam Neeson & Christian Bale - or, rather, their characters. kthx!

Seriously. Very good (even excellent?) summer movie, a few obligatory cheesy oneliners aside. Of course I went with my friend who is so cynical she objects to flashbacks and people kissing, but even she was "85% for it." Katie Holmes ... did not annoy! I'm as amazed as you about that. I'm totally up for seeing this again and for the inevitable sequel, which was set up about 4 different ways.

Go. See this movie. Then write me fic! (looks around for batman_slash comm).
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