June 28th, 2005

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This is a test to see if I've finally solved my backdating problem. If you can see this, please come to my sadly neglected LJ and lavish a lot of of love on it. Like, a week's worth.

Thx. ;-D

Here's what you may have missed:

Free music!
Smutty fic update!
Movie meme!
Icons! (Ok, never mind on the icons.)
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Movie meme poll

Poll #522290 Movie meme

Do you want more screen cap clues for my movie meme?

OMG, yes please!
No, I'm so close to getting them!
No, I want to guess new, different movie screencaps!
Please. My life doesn't revolve around your damn movie meme. (Wait, is one of them Pirates?)
Forget about the meme - do you have the doggie yet or what?

For the record - I should be getting my rescue dachshund any second. Wheee!

ETA: OK, there's been a brief delay of an hour or so.

(note this icon is not a picture of *my* doxie, but an icon made for me by the lovely, generous, talented and god-like foxxcub Thanks, babe!)
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Movie meme: additional clues

I'm submitting more screencaps for your approval. ;-D

Let me say that some movies have already been correctly guessed by a few people. When I post who guessed what, I will indicate who got the movies right on the first round so never fear that your guessing skills won't go unrecognized.

If you comment here I'll assume you took advantage of the additional screencaps to help you guess.

If you comment at the original movie meme, I'll assume you got it right without extra clues. ;-D And you wouldn't cheat, right?

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And you should see detoxcocktails movie meme if you think mine was tough!! The cropping alone ... man!