July 14th, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi


FOXY WAS ROBBED! Hank Azaria instead?! WTF??

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I mean Terry O'Quinn totally deserves it, but Naveen? That's a surprise. Guess that will make it up to him for having no decent storylines for the entire last half of the season. Jeez, I wonder what episodes they sent in for consideration. Clearly not "Cowboys" or "Do No Harm" or either Sawyer ep. Huh. *scratches head some more.* For my money, Josh completely outshines Naveen. OH WELL. You all know I'm completely biased. As are Emmy voters, apparently. Awards shmawards.

Lookie at the fab but all-too necessary icon rogueapprentice made last night! (points to the left)

But still, happy birthday Matt! We love you!

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Emmy reaction poll

Just because.

(And oops, looks like you can only vote for one!)

Poll #532499 Lost Emmy reaction

What's your reaction to the Emmy nominations? (I think you can vote for more than one.)

Foxy was robbed!
Josh was robbed!
At least Terry O'Quinn got nominated
At least Naveen Andrews got nominated
At least Lost got a Best Drama nom
Seriously, WTF? Hank Azaria instead of Foxy?
Eh, awards are stupid anyway.

I'm more disappointed that (fill in the blank) was overlooked.

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