September 8th, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

I got my Lost DVDs!!!

Ok, so I'm two days behind everyone else. But they cost me $13.96! So anyway, I have them now and I watched the extras first.

Josh vs. boar? Love it. Love him! Audition tapes? Man, I'm glad they changed Sawyer's backstory because the "sides" for the Pittsburgh-based character were kind of lame. And how great and subtle was Josh from the beginning? Love Foxy but he's better as Jack! And I liked Dom being quietly intense as "Sawyer."

Love how Foxy says "Josh Holloway" at the end of his photo album. Was that what you were talking about, foxxcub?

And now I have a plot bunny involving honey after the bit with the bees.

OK, I had to screencap this scene from the "Confidence Man" doc. Jack/Sawyer touching! Jack tat display! ;-D Sawyer swooning! I want icons. My favorite one is kind of poor quality sadly. My app that lets me do screen shots is a bit shoddy when it comes to pausing and selecting a specific frame.

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OK, onto the commentaries!
Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Lost DVDs, post the 2nd or 3rd

I wish there was a Josh commentary! :-(

And since we know that James "Rockford" Garner gave his personal approval to Josh Holloway, I'm wondering if that's where they got his real name. James. Rockford. James Ford. Eh? OK, don't mind me. I've had a bit of wine.

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