September 18th, 2005

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi


*breaking self-imposed LJ hiatus*

Ok, so they haven't won the Emmy here in TV land on the West Coast yet. But in real time yes, they won already!! Fuckin' A! That just rules! I'm only sad (yes, really really sad) because I can't go party with them even though that's right in my backyard. But read foxxcub's fabulous new Foxshy fic "Big Dogs" and you'll feel like you were there, witnessing the Foxshy love in person.

I'm sooo glad the television academy got on board and didn't go with boring old dead wood (heh) like The West Wing. Lost IS the best show on TV and folks best recognize! ;-D

I'm TiVoing ceremony to ff through later. From what I hear, not the best ever. And I hear there's a Foxshy hug. *demands photographic evidence*
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