April 7th, 2006

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

It's eponine119 appreciation day!!

Let's hear it for MEGAN!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you as a writer and a friend. You're one of my favorite writers in Lost fandom, and just favorite writers, period. You're so prolific, and yet your fics are consistently excellent, insightful, and you *frequently* reduce me to tears. (A track record the Lost staff writers can only envy!) You win the prize for breaking Jack and Sawyer (and very often me) the most.

I love that we can both be cynical fangirls together and yet still obsess over what really matters on the show: The Jack/Sawyer! And mining their backgrounds for fic. And oh yeah, Kate too. ;-D

As for the fic, I think you know which ones are my favorites, but damn, it was tough to choose. Like, nearly impossible.

For anyone who's NOT familiar with eponine119's fic, you are really missing out. Dive in anywhere and you won't be disappointed.

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Thank you for all the fantastic fic, great conversations, thorough betaing, and endless support. It's all appreciated more than you know!