June 19th, 2006

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Two memes, a link and a manifesto

1. Has everyone seen this? (Courtesy kataclysmic) It's Josh and Foxy and several other actors talking about their favorite inventions. ;-) I think it must be from the same interviews as the "favorite body part" but I'd never seen these before.

2. TV fandom meme: (Gakked from foxxcub). From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, ship & episode. One only!

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3. And my Lost manifesto:
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4. Music meme, tagged by neon_lights_x

List seven songs that you enjoy at the moment. Put these instructions in your LiveJournal with the seven songs and then tag another seven people to know what they're listening to.
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I think everyone on my flist has probably already done this, so if you haven't, you're it!
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