July 6th, 2006

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Emmy nominations

So just got up and saw the noms. (What? I was up late last night!)

They snubbed Lost, which shouldn't come as a big surprise. Yes, it won last year but S2 was definitely nowhere near as good as S1. Still, is it a better show than The Sopranos? HELL YEAH. The Sopranos is the most overrated show in the history of television. I can't believe it's still getting good reviews at this stage in its life. It's dull, incredibly pretentious, talky and pointless. I got HBO again just for its return but stopped watching before the end of this season. Face it folks, it's a shadow of the show it used to be. I've personally never cared much for House or West Wing. *shrugs* So, despite my problems with Lost this year, I'd still put it in there ahead of those two shows.

But I'm excited that 24 is getting a lot of love, not only for Kiefer but for the magnificent acting of Gregory Itzin & Jean Smart. I do wish Reiko Aylesworth had gotten a nom for S3, dammit, but if they were going to start recognizing supporting players, this is a good year to do it.

Also, Desmond!!! ;-) Yay! And Christina Yang. Those nominations make me happy.

And I had to give foxxcub a call just now to let her know that her boy, Christopher Meloni, got a nomination at long last. YAAAY! ;-)
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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Shooting Star (Jack/Sawyer Pirate AU) - NC-17

Title: Shooting Star
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer, hints of other slash pairings
Rating: NC-17
Note: It's been nearly a year since lillyjk requested a fic with Sawyer as a pirate and Jack as, well, not a pirate. With a shaving scene. So here this is, finally, many, many months later, more or less (I hope), what you asked for. Originally requested for foxxcub's Kinks Ficathon, and she always kept encouraging me to finish the darn thing! OMG, it's done!! Many thanks to the lovely themoononastick for the beta. So this fic is dedicated to all three of you. *smooch*
Word count: 7697. Yar! 'Tis an epic!
Prompt: Star, fanfic100

Collapse )