July 14th, 2006

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

It's good to be the Queen! ;)

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who posted something for my day as Queen at lostsquee yesterday. (Or today, yet! ;D)

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And anyone who started something, but didn't get it done, or felt too pooped to party yesterday, the thought is most definitely appreciated! ;) This queen-for-a-day thing is hard, I admit! It's kind of a miracle anyone can turn around a fic or something else creative in under a day, especially when there's a new request happening every day! But the fun is in the cumulative effort. I haven't had this much fun on LJ in a while. So vive all the queens and all the subjects and let the good times roll! (And if anyone wants to give *me* an early prompt, feel free.)

And god, I still need to reply to all my comments. *collapses*

And long live the new queen, foxxcub, whose request is for boy!kissing!

Also -- HAPPY 40TH, FOXY!! He just keeps looking better and better!

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