August 22nd, 2006

Maggie Hollywood by geeklike

Writing meme/Interests collage

MEME, stolen from most of my flist:
Ask me anything you want about any of my stories: how I thought of the idea, what I did to write it, what I was thinking when I wrote it, what I feel about it, what I wish I'd done differently, etc.

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-- Too bad there's a generic angel for the TV show Angel and Slash from G'n'R instead of some hot man-on-man action! LOL.
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Josh Hand by sternchenmary

Fic poll

I've been off LJ for a while and now am completely behind with RL work, not to mention fic writing. So when I'm able to get back into it, what would you like to see next? Thanks! *smooch*

What fic should I write next?

Jack/Sawyer/Shannon for elise_509
Second installment of Private Lessons (the Sawyer-as-tennis-pro fic)
Next chapter of the Lost/SPN crossover
Something else (which I will explain in comments)
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