September 1st, 2006

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*is suddenly terribly excited for S3*

SQUEEE! In case you missed it, I've capped the new Jack/Kate/Sawyer S3 promo HERE.

I'm feeling very bouncy and jittery.

I feel like reccing stuff. Ask me to rec a fic where _____ happens. Or a good movie (classic or otherwise) about _____. Or music to suit a _____ mood.

Or ... maybe I'll actually get some writing done. Let's see, here's my to-do list, in no particular order. I keep getting new ideas and have been too busy to get to the fics I already had on my plate. Woe!

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ETA: OK, extreme buzzkill delivered in the news that there is NO unaired Sawyer backstory on the S2 DVDs. So I won't be buying them. I guess I can hold out hope it'll eventually air in S3 but ... gah. They just love to screw us over, don't they? Whatever happened to having a series of Hibbs & Sawyer cons anyway? *sighs*