October 16th, 2006

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Lost, etc.

So I just came back from my doctor, who always chats Lost with me. Without any prompting, she told me how she thinks S3 is too slow and how "boring" Juliet is. Heh.

She was also thrilled to find out that Josh is married to a Filipino woman, as she is Filipino herself. But the receptionist's response? "I knew that!" LOL.

And btw, I recently looked up how old Elizabeth Mitchell is and I was WAY off. Hence, a poll to see what everyone else thinks. If you already know her age, please pick how old you think she looks.)

Also -- since those blond actresses (Juliet, Penelope, Libby) all look so similar: who do you think is the oldest?

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(Answers here.)

And my email seems to be sporadically back ... even if LJ comments aren't all showing up. So tentative YAY.
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