February 3rd, 2007

JS Kiss by beatkicks

It's comment porn day...

YAY! Except I'm feeling very uninspired. :-/ Perhaps I can play later? I left one (not very porny) comment but it wasn't a continuation of a thread so perhaps I did it wrong?

Hmmm... what else to do today? This is lame, but if someone wants to prompt me, maybe I can write something? And maybe not just Lost?
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Rugby Boys by mediocrechick

Comment porn round-up

There was tons of amazing porn today. YAY!

Written for me! :) THANK YOU!
Jack/Sawyer + a little boat of their own by eponine119
Jack loves Jack Bauer! Sawyer is jealous by cmonkatiekatie
And I totally did comment porn day wrong because I mostly just porned in my own LJ since I was blocked and had to ask for prompts.

Here's a list of what I wrote today. Lookie, new fandoms and four new pairings! Kinda rushed and sloppy, but here 'tis:

Jack/Sawyer pirate porn + bondage for zelda_zee
Jack/Sawyer in Mexico for inthekeyofd
Jack/Sawyer + voyeur + dildo(!) for kangeiko
Jack loves Sawyer's hair for eponine119
Jack/Sawyer afterglow for jenthegypsy (This one isn't really porny and it's totally not part of her awesomely porny thread going on over there... which you should go read right now. GUH!)

Jack Bauer/Sawyer for kiefers
Jack Bauer/Jack Shephard for cmonkatiekatie

Jack/Dean for astra2104

Grey's Anatomy
Mark/Derek for littlehands. She simply requested "something funny" and left the fandom up to me. Although this really didn't end up all that funny ...