March 3rd, 2007

Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi



Go, spread some love! I'm gonna crash now but I'll jumpstart my VW van of flist love in the morning! ETA: Okay, love spread, NOW I'm gonna crash.

Also, random thoughts from my TV watching this weekend:

-- Michael Damien on The Dog Whisperer! *squee* OMG, Danny Romalotti! LOL. He still looked very good.
-- Why, for the love of god, does Roger on "Sell this House" insist on painting interior walls in Seattle dark gray? The skies are gray for a good third of the year! Still, if the option is pink or turquoise...
-- I totally will rewind if there's a cute dog in a commercial. Like some steam-vac commercial set at a doggie daycare where "Mr. Jiggles," a cute little Chihuahhua, makes an "uh-oh" little noise after a mess on the carpet.
-- One of the few episodes of "The Simpsons" I will never rewatch is the Frank Grimes one. HATE IT. It's the only ep where I truly, truly hate Homer.

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