November 25th, 2007

Josh Dimpls by damn_squiggly

How can you choose?

I ask you:

I had a number of such impossible dilemmas here at this Bix quiz. If you also want to waste some time, there's Josh, Foxy, Jensen, Jared, DDK, Josh Hartnett, Christian Bale, etc.

So, here's my final top 20. Looks about right!

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Josh Maggie hug by _jeudi

Just got back from seeing...

... No Country For Old Men. I was really liking it for the most part, but for the ending, I have to knock it down several notches. It ends up somewhere around a B-/C+ for me.

Here I was thinking for the most part "Loving Josh Brolin in this ... he's finally getting decent roles, but I can also totally see Josh Holloway in this part! Wouldn't he be great? Will he ever get a decent movie role...?" (Sorry, one-track mind! Is that wrong?) And also thinking it's a welcome return to their first film, Blood Simple, which is probably one of my fave Coen Bros flicks. Just straightforward crime drama with some mean twists. Yeah, not entirely ...

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